Land Surveying & Spatial Science Services

A Slam Dunk for Quantum

Construction has recently been completed on Geraldton’s new basketball stadium.  Quantum Surveys were then engaged by the City of Greater Geraldton as part of the building for a new carpark to service the stadium.

This project required a surveyor from start to finish.  A Feature survey was done initially (not by Quantum), which shows the existing topography.  This plan is then provided to an engineering company for car park design.

Once the engineer has completed the design, the data is processed in our software and uploaded to our Trimble TSC7 Survey Controller.  Survey control points and benchmarks were established for the set out requirements.

Next step is to grid out the entire carpark to subgrade level.  A subgrade as-constructed survey was required to verify levels against design.  An as-constructed plan is drafted showing the level differences between actual and design.  The same process was required for the basecourse level.  The locations of the drainage pits were set out and the locations of all footpaths to the new stadium were also set out for the concreter.

A layer of primer seal is placed on top of the basecourse and we then mark the location of the outer carpark kerb line and internal islands with nails to assist the kerbing contractor.

Once the kerbing is completed, bitumen is laid over the entire carpark.  We then spray mark the ends of each car bay and directional arrows to assist the line marking contractors.

When all line marking is complete and associated infrastructure (like bollards) installed, we do a final as-constructed survey of the carpark for City of GG records.

Equipment used was a Trimble TSC7 Controller, Trimble Dini Digital Level, Trimble R12 Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS and Trimble S8 Robotic Total Station.