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A Unique Find

Now here’s something you don’t see every day… one of our Directors Roger Hunt – Licensed Surveyor  was completing a subdivision on a farm near Northampton in Western Australia.  Whilst there the owners showed him a very old survey measuring device they had found.

On closer examination it is actually one of the earliest forms of measuring tape called a “Gunter’s Chain”, presumably left behind by accident from the original survey back in 1914!!!

A Gunter’s Chain is a chain made up of 100 linked lengths of metal, with each length called a “Link”.  A Link was an imperial unit of measurement surveyors used before the metric system was adopted

For example:

100 Links = 1 Chain
1 Chain = 66 Feet
80 Chains = 1 Mile

For area:

10 Chains x 10 Chains = 1 Acre
In metric terms, 1 Chain = 20.117 Metres

Imagine having to drag this metal chain around to measure a distance!  The nerdy surveyor in Roger found it very cool and has never seen one in person before.

The legacy of Links and Chains still exist today.  For example, most road reserves in Australia are 100 Links (or 1 Chain) wide and a cricket pitch is also 100 Links long.

A very cool find in our opinion!