Land Surveying & Spatial Science Services

Boundary Pegs

Have you ever noticed markers around the edge of your property?

Surveyors use marks such as pegs, hallmarks & rivets to mark the exact corner or bend of a property’s boundary.  A stake with flagging on it is usually put next to the mark to assist in locating them.  These survey marks will correspond with the dimensions shown on the property’s Certificate of Title

For boundary surveys, different size Lots generally mean different types of pegs.  The majority of residential lots will have white and red pegs and they come in plastic or wood.

White pegs are placed on the majority of lot boundaries, except at bends where red pegs are to be used.

Lots between 4000m2 to 4 hectares have all boundaries marked with red pegs and rural properties over 4 hectares have boundary corners marked with concrete posts or hallmarks (which are star pickets with a metal plate on top)