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Land Surveying

Lot Numbers

Once the boundary corners are marked, we then use a plate and stamp the Lot numbers of the property.  This Lot number is as per the Certificate of Title & Plan and the plate is fixed to the peg with either a nail or rivet on the exact point of the lot corner.  On hallmarks […]

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Boundary Pegs

Have you ever noticed markers around the edge of your property? Surveyors use marks such as pegs, hallmarks & rivets to mark the exact corner or bend of a property’s boundary.  A stake with flagging on it is usually put next to the mark to assist in locating them.  These survey marks will correspond with

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Meet Robbie the Robot!

Robbie is a tiny mobile robot who will accompany the Quantum Surveys Team for the Square Kilometre Array telescope project, known as SKA-Low.  The robot can navigate with ease and accurately mark out the required areas. This saves time and effort, as there’s no need to manually measure and mark out the area. The Tiny Surveyor is

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During November we celebrated GIS Day – a day for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the experts using geospatial data for smart city planning and environmental conservation. GIS is like a high-tech map that helps analyse complex data in specific areas, revealing hidden trends. It’s not just about maps; it’s a tool to make smarter

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A Unique Find

Now here’s something you don’t see every day… one of our Directors Roger Hunt – Licensed Surveyor  was completing a subdivision on a farm near Northampton in Western Australia.  Whilst there the owners showed him a very old survey measuring device they had found. On closer examination it is actually one of the earliest forms

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Training for the future

Quantum Surveys are proud to actively support our industry and our future surveyors.  After graduating from Geraldton Grammar School in 2020 Darcy came to us for some work experience.  He then headed off to Perth to start studying his Bachelor of Surveying at Curtin University.  Each year on Uni break Darcy comes back to help out at Quantum and it’s always

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Shoreline Monitoring

Quantum Surveys have been conducting Shoreline Monitoring Surveys for Mid West Ports Authority since 2004. The survey consists of approx 120 beach cross sections from Separation Point to Coronation Beach and are used for monitoring the seasonal sand movement. The purpose of the program is to assess changes to the coastline and to document the condition of the coastal structures. This

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A Slam Dunk for Quantum

Construction has recently been completed on Geraldton’s new basketball stadium.  Quantum Surveys were then engaged by the City of Greater Geraldton as part of the building for a new carpark to service the stadium. This project required a surveyor from start to finish.  A Feature survey was done initially (not by Quantum), which shows the existing

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