Land Surveying & Spatial Science Services

Land Surveying on Cathedral Avenue in Geraldton WA.

Land Surveying with Market Leading Technology

At Quantum Surveys we continue to strive to be leaders in land surveying in Geraldton and throughout the Mid West region. Part of the reason we have been able to maintain a leading position is through embracing survey technology and staff training.

Our survey equipment consists primarily of the widely used Trimble hardware and software. We utilise Trimble GPS, Trimble Robotic Total Stations and Trimble digital levels. Trimble Business Centre software is used to allow a seamless transfer of survey data between the office and field.

Technology is ever changing and we understand the importance of maintain our edge by staying ahead of the curve. Our staff also receive our support and encouragement to continue their studies and certifications as to ensure that we’re always able to provide the best services and advice to our clients.