Land Surveying & Spatial Science Services

Meet Darcy 

Darcy Ingle has just completed his third year of a Bachelor of Surveying (Honours) Degree at Curtin University in Perth WA. When he’s on holiday from studying in Perth, Darcy comes back to Geraldton to apply what he has learnt in the city, whilst also learning the tricks of the trade from our other more experienced team members.  So let’s get to know Darcy a little further!

How are you involved with Quantum?

Started working at Quantum after I graduated high school at the end of 2020, through connections I had made playing various sports in town with other members of the team. Since then, I have been coming back work during most university breaks to gain some experience in the field and apply the knowledge I have learnt in Perth.

What are some of your day to day tasks?

Working alongside our more experienced Surveyors to try and learn as much as I can. This includes a variety of different survey styles.

Most memorable project?

First real taste of working away at Gascoyne junction with Ryan, I would have been straight out of school or just finished first year of university with next to no working experience in the surveying industry and the weather sitting around 43-44 degrees all week. Great experience and good insight into the world of surveying

Little bit about your Family and what you like to do/involved with in Geraldton (social life)?

Dad was a Surveyor when he was younger, and it sounded like a pretty good lifestyle, so I started to pursue that pathway. One of the good parts about working back in Geraldton is being able to catch up with family and friends that I normally don’t see very often when I am living in Perth, whether that is through cricket, golf, the beach or at the pub