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New addition to Quantum Surveys’ UAV Fleet

Trimble UX5 HP UAV
Trimble UX5 HP UAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are drones that fly at low altitude to obtain geo-referenced ortho-rectified high resolution aerial imagery. This aerial data is then processed using high precision photogrammetry processing software to generate engineering grade Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or Digital Surface Model (DSM) data.

UAV surveying provides very efficient coverage of the intended survey area to produce high quality imagery and models. The cost savings are significant compared to obtaining aerial photography traditionally.

The DEM applications range from calculating volumes of large stockpiles to surveying of open cut mines to bulk engineering design for planning applications or large scale feature identification surveys. UAV survey data cannot be used as a replacement for cadastral surveying.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the body responsible for the governance and regulation of UAV’s in Australia. Only a company holding a current Operators Certificate with personnel holding a current Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Certificate (RPAS) is authorised to operate and fly a UAV over 2kg by CASA. Quantum Surveys has held an Operators Certificate with RPAS certified surveyors  since 2013. Our fully trained pilots have gained considerable experience in all aspects of UAV surveying since since becoming certified.

Quantum Surveys also continues to operates it’s Ebee that has more recently had some significant upgrades.

As UAVs are becoming more well known and utilised, more companies are discovering the great results that can be achieved when using this technology compared to the more traditional survey, mapping and photography methods.

If you would like to enquire about having a volume survey completed, or you require further information, or even just some cool photography of your land give Quantum Surveys a call on (08)9965 0077.