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Civil Construction Surveyors working in Geraldton

Surveying for Civil Construction

We are often entrusted by Local Governments, Councils and Main Roads as part of their pre planning and due diligence into future projects or potential works.
Here’s a great example of how our team was involved in the marking and preparation for the installation of chicane traffic calming devices along Kempton Street, Bluff Point in Geraldton. This stretch of road is heavily used by the local community. There are often children crossing, people walking their dogs and residents accessing the adjacent foreshore and beach areas. Unfortunately it was also an attractive stretch of road for speeding cars and other vehicles which have long caused safety concerns for residents in the area.
The traffic calming devices have now been installed, and they are doing a great job of slowing the movement of vehicles along the road. It’s awesome to be involved in the process of making an impact on the safety and wellbeing of the Geraldton community.


Civil Construction Surveyors working in Geraldton
Chicanes installed as traffic calming devices in Geraldton