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Surveying in Shark Bay

Panoramic photo from the water tower.
Surveying in Shark Bay.

Occasionally we are given the pleasure of Surveying in Shark Bay, Useless Loop and surrounding areas.

Our highly skilled surveyors can conduct all manners of surveying including boundary re-establishments, contour and feature surveys, subdivisions, strata titling, engineering and volume surveys, lease area surveys and construction surveys. Our fully qualified and licensed UAV Pilots regularly travel north of Geraldton to conduct Volume Surveys using Quantum Surveys Sensefly eBee UAV, which can equate to a much more economical option to traditional methods of Volume Surveying.

Whilst we are in Shark bay working hard we are treated to some amazing views and get to see some beautiful wildlife. It is clear a lot of work is put in towards conservation of the natural wonders there.

Shark bay is a amazing place with a rich cultural heritage and is also listed as a World Heritage Area. A wonderful place to survey in and an even better place to take a holiday. Below is a link the Shire of Shark Bay’s website: