Land Surveying & Spatial Science Services

Surveying for the Building and Civil Construction Industries

Quantum Surveys provide survey and drafting services for the building, construction, civil, mining and infrastructure industries.  Our certified Quality Management System provides our clients with a high degree of confidence in our ability to consistently deliver services in a professional and cost effective manner.  We cover all aspects in the construction of:

  • Roads, Bridges and Tunnels
  • Railways
  • Pipelines
  • Jetty Piles, Wharves and Boat Ramps
  • Commercial and Residential Buildings
  • Mining and Civil Infrastructure

The survey services include:

  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Volume Surveys
  • Building Set out
  • Set out for Civil Concrete
  • Monitoring and Deformation Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Bore-line Surveys
  • Audit Surveys
  • Final As-built Surveys (Including A-Spec standard if required)

Building Setout Surveys

The construction of large and small scale residential and commercial buildings requires accurate setout to eliminate any complications and issues with the build.  Utilising a computer prepared layout and generally combined with a boundary re-establishment survey, we can ensure exact setbacks and boundary clearances of the proposed building.

We can accurately set out and position any mark that a builder requires.  This can include building corners, gridlines, offset marks, holding down bolts, marking profiles, positioning tilt-up panels and indicating finished floor levels.

If requested, a survey plan showing the points that were set out, can be drafted by our qualified team.