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The world’s largest radio telescope

Quantum Surveys are privileged and excited to be currently working on the world’s largest radio telescope with SKA Observatory – SKAO installed on Wajarri Yamaji country in the Murchison region, as part of the Square Kilometre Array telescope, known as SKA-Low.

Redders from Quantum, Robbie the Robot & Peet from SKAO have set out the first 18 stations comprising of 4,608 individual antenna all marked with individual antenna labels and screws… So only 126, 464 antennas to go!!!

Together with SKA-Mid in South Africa it’s one of 2 telescopes being built by the global radio astronomy organisation, in what’s described as the world’s largest science project.

Once construction is completed by 2030, Scientists are hoping it will help them answer some of the universe’s biggest mysteries!

Fun Facts:

⏹ Size: 131,072 log-periodic antennas spread between 512 stations
⏹ Collecting area: 419,000m2
⏹ Max distance between antenna stations: 74km